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September 13, 2004 – May 23, 2005
June 15, 2010

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The third season of the drama series Everwood premiered on The WB on September 13, 2004 and concluded on May 23, 2005. The season consists of 22 episodes. It was released on Region 1 DVD on June 15, 2010.

Season Overview Edit

The third season opens with Andy receiving a letter from Madison cutting off all ties with him. She has moved to Denver but does not reveal her decision regarding the pregnancy. Andy contemplates telling Ephram, but Harold convinces him not to do so, for the sake of both Ephram and Amy.

Ephram returns from his summer classes at Juilliard with the disappointing news that he did not make high marks and begins to intensify his piano studies. Amy and he struggle with this new aspect of their relationship. The two, now in their senior year of high school, befriend an extremely shy girl, named Hannah (Sarah Drew), who is staying with Nina. Hannah is a junior and tells Amy that her parents are travelling in Hong Kong, but later reveals that her father, with whom she was extremely close, suffers from late-stage Huntington's Disease and she was in fact sent to Everwood so she wouldn't have to watch his suffering. With the support of Amy, Ephram, Harold, and Bright, Hannah is tested for Huntington's Disease herself and finds that she doesn't have the incurable disease.

After much discussion with both Hannah and Ephram, Amy decides to sleep with the latter. They plan to sneak away to the Abbotts' lake cabin, but the night of the event, Amy gets scared and changes her mind. Ephram is patient and says he doesn't mind. She has a change of heart and loses her virginity to Ephram the next morning after all. Around Christmas, Bright convinces Ephram to go and see Madison's band play and he lies to Amy about where he was going. Madison wasn't there, but Ephram feels so guilty that he eventually apologizes. Amy is extremely upset and admits that while Ephram has rededicated himself to the piano, she has given up all of her hobbies and school activities to make time for her and Ephram's relationship. She tells him she willingly gave up these activities but has now grown to resent him. Ephram agrees to try to make more time on his part, and they make up.

Bright gets a job at the County Clerk's office with his mother Rose. Never known for his monogamy, his promiscuity catches up to him when one young intern accuses him of sexual harassment. During the investigation Bright maintains that she misunderstood his actions and does not admit guilt. Even though he is officially absolved of the accusation, Rose is embarrassed and hurt by the situation and realizes that her son has no respect for women. She fires him, but her profound disappointment is the worst punishment of all. Bright learns from the ordeal and attempts to be more honorable.

The third season also sees the arrival of a new, younger doctor named Jake Hartman, whom neither Harold nor Andy like very much, due to his over-zealous attitude. He takes up residence in Harold's former office. Meanwhile, Nina comes to terms with the fact she has feelings for Andy as she begins a romantic relationship with Jake.

Andy also decides to help a patient, John Hayes, recover from serious incapacitation caused by a stroke. Meanwhile, Andy finds himself drawn to John's wife Amanda and realizes he may be developing feelings for her. He and Amanda avoid their feelings from each other for a while, but when they finally give into temptation, Andy feels so much guilt, he develops a bleeding gastric ulcer. After he recovers John gets admitted into a cutting-edge treatment program in which he will be sent away for an indefinite amount of time. Amanda and Andy continue their affair until John inexplicably recovers from his stroke, and Amanda opts to stay with her husband.

Ephram is granted an interview with The Juilliard School in New York City, where he serendipitously runs into Madison. Andy accompanies Ephram on the trip, attempts to reconcile with Madison, and urges her to tell Ephram the truth about her pregnancy. She eventually meets Ephram in a coffee shop and tells him the whole story, except about Andy's knowledge of it. The baby has been put up for adoption with parents living in Marin, California. When Ephram tells Andy about the pregnancy, Andy tells him that he knew about it and asked Madison to keep it a secret. Ephram is livid and forfeits his Juilliard audition in an attempt to get back at Andy. Back in Everwood, Amy reluctantly agrees to help Ephram locate the baby and the adoptive parents, but the matter soon drives a wedge between them, and they break up.

Rose is diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her spine and must undergo chemotherapy, which proves to be initially unsuccessful. With some reluctance, Andy agrees to do the surgery to remove the tumor. Harold is incensed until the operation appears to be a success, and Rose slowly recovers.

Ephram, still disillusioned from his father's lie about Madison, decides to quit his studies altogether and backpack through Europe. He technically receives his diploma but leaves before the ceremony. He sells his piano and all related musical equipment to pay for an airline ticket to London. Meanwhile, Amy graduates from high school and gets into Princeton University.

Jake and Nina agree to move in together and start a new restaurant business, purchasing the diner where Nina worked as a waitress until the owner sold the building. Jake vows to cut all ties to his former Los Angeles residence and lifestyle because his income in Everwood is substantially less, though his true motives may have been Nina.

Season 3 ends with Hannah getting a boyfriend for the first time, but she decides to break up with him because there is no chemistry and because she has a crush on Bright. Andy considers taking a job as a surgeon in Chicago, but Harold and others in town persuade him to stay in Everwood. Bright decides he really wants to date Hannah, who is thrilled to begin a relationship with him. Amy decides to defer her first semester at Princeton, so that she can help take care of her mother while she convalesces. Andy—alone with Nina—confesses his true feelings for her and proposes a serious relationship, despite Jake being in the way.

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Actor/actress Character
Treat Williams Dr. Andrew Brown
Gregory Smith Ephram Brown
Emily VanCamp Amy Abbott
Vivien Cardone Delia Brown
Tom Amandes Dr. Harold Abbott
Chris Pratt Bright Abbott
Debra Mooney Edna Harper
John Beasley Irv Harper
Stephanie Niznik Nina Feeney
Sarah Drew Hannah Rogers
Scott Wolf Dr. Jake Hartman
Anne Heche Amanda Hayes
Merrilyn Gann Rose Abbott

Recurring Edit

Actor/actress Character
Sarah Lancaster Madison Kellner

Episodes Edit

Season # Series # Image Title Original airdate Director Writer(s)
46 1 For Every Action For Every Action... September 13, 2004 Michael Schultz Rina Mimoun
47 2 There is a Reaction ...There Is a Reaction September 20, 2004 Perry Lang David Hudgins
48 3 Staking Claim Staking Claim September 27, 2004 Michael Schultz Bruce Miller
49 4 The Birds and the Batteries The Birds and the Batteries October 2, 2004 Michael Lange John E. Pogue
50 5 Sacrifice Sacrifice October 11, 2004 Michael Schultz Anna Fricke
51 6 Shoot the Moon Shoot the Moon October 25, 2004 Matt Shakman Michael Green
52 7 Best Laid Plans Best Laid Plans November 1, 2004 Jason Moore Sherri Cooper
53 8 The Tipping Point The Tipping Point November 15, 2004 Jordan Levin Michael Green and David Hudgins
54 9 The Reflex The Reflex November 22, 2004 Michael Lange Anna Fricke and Rina Mimoun
55 10 Need to Know Need to Know November 2, 2004 David Petrarca Bruce Miller
56 11 Complex Guilt Complex Guilt Janaury 17, 2005 Arvin Brown John E. Pogue
57 12 Giving Up the Girl Giving Up the Girl Janaury 24, 2005 David Paymer Sherri Cooper
58 13 The Perfect Day The Perfect Day Janaury 31, 2005 Sandy Smolan David Hudgins
59 14 Since You've Been Gone Since You've Been Gone February 7, 2005 Matt Shakman Barbie Kligman
60 15 Surprise (Everwood episode) Surprise February 14, 2005 Tom Amandes Sherri Cooper
61 16 A Mountain Town A Mountain Town February 21, 2005 Michael Schultz Michael Green
62 17 Fate Accomplis Fate Accomplis April 18, 2005 Perry Lang Anna Fricke
63 18 Fallout (Everwood episode) Fallout April 25, 2005 Michael Schultz David Hudgins
64 19 Acceptance (episode) Acceptance May 2, 2005 David Petrarca John E. Pogue
65 20 He Who Hesitates He Who Hesitates May 9, 2005 Keith Samples Elisa Delson
66 21 Oh, The Places You'll Go Oh, The Places You'll Go May 16, 2005 Perry Lang Bruce Miller (Story)
David Hudgins and Rina Mimoun (Telplay)
67 22 Where the Heart Is Where the Heart Is May 23, 2005 David Petrarca Michael Green and Rina Mimoun

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