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September 15, 2003 – May 10, 2004
June 16, 2009
Finally they have a Future... if they past doesn't get in the way

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The second season of the drama series Everwood premiered on The WB on September 15, 2003 and ended on May 10, 2004. The season consists of 22 episodes. It was released on Region 1 DVD on June 16, 2009.

Season Overview Edit

The beginning of Season 2 reveals Colin's fate. The entire town blames Andy for "killing" Colin. They stop going to his practice and shun his children. Andy stands by his decision and eventually admits to Ephram that he could have saved Colin's life, but he would have been mentally and physically disabled and, at Colin's insistence, promised that he would not let him live that way.

Amy struggles with Colin's death and falls into a deep depression, eventually going on medication and meeting Tommy Callahan, a drug-dealing loner who becomes more than a friend. She considers sleeping with Tommy but backs out of it every time he brings it up. Harold buys her a new car to try and cheer her up, but Amy continues to act out and fail in school. Rose (Merrilyn Gann), Harold's wife and the town mayor, tells her husband that he is babying her and she is unwelcome in her house until she follows the rules, which forces Amy to move in with Edna. Amy's downward spiral continues until Tommy takes her to a wild party. He gives her a bottle of water laced with GHB, a date rape drug. Already intoxicated, Amy drinks it, then has a hallucination of Colin, who tells her to let him go and to get on with her life. The vision shocks her back to reality, and she realizes that Tommy has drunk most of the water himself and subsequently overdosed. Amy does the only thing she can think of and calls her father for help. Tommy recovers, but Amy is scared straight. She dumps him, moves back in with her parents, and begins to improve her behavior and mood.

Ephram, meanwhile, has found love with Madison, a 20-year-old college student whom Andy has hired to babysit Delia. She is a girl whom Ephram initially despises for her condescending attitude toward him. After a few false starts, he eventually loses his virginity to her.

The second season has several other important plot developments. Andy finds a new love interest in Linda Abbott, Harold's globe-trotting sister, also a doctor but practicing in Africa. A scandal at Harold and Linda's office occurs when it is discovered that Linda had contracted HIV from a victim of an African civil war incident. As a result, Harold loses his liability insurance coverage, and Linda quits her holistic health practice and leaves town, also ending her romance with Andy. Harold tries to open a new bagel shop but meets with failure. Andy then invites him as a partner, since Andy's insurance would cover Harold's practice. Harold reluctantly agrees.

Nina goes through a divorce with her recently outed husband Carl and has to go to court over custody of her son Sam, a case which she eventually wins with Andy's support.

A lonely Bright grows more tolerant of Ephram, and the two eventually become good friends.

Ephram continues his on-and-off relationship with Madison. In an effort to prove how mature he is, he sneaks into bars to see her band and produces many awkward moments by showing up when she is out with her college friends. Finally she decides that the timing of their relationship is off and breaks up with Ephram. She tries to continue working with the Browns, but Delia fires her, saying that she likes Madison but that Madison's presence makes Ephram sad. She later confesses to Andy that she is pregnant with Ephram's child. Andy tells her he will pay for all her expenses if she agrees to keep the pregnancy from Ephram. He believes that Ephram was forced to grow up very quickly by the death of his mother and that—if he learns of the pregnancy—his sense of decency will compel him to stay with Madison, something for which Andy believes he is not ready.

Amy asks Ephram to stay in Everwood, so that they can figure out if a romantic relationship would work between them. However, he is accepted to a summer program at the Juilliard School of Music. He is torn between going to New York and staying with Amy. When he leaves to study music at Juilliard, Amy accompanies him for ten days in Manhattan and, after she returns to Everwood, they continue their relationship long-distance.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Actor/actress Character
Treat Williams Dr. Andrew Brown
Gregory Smith Ephram Brown
Emily VanCamp Amy Abbott
Vivien Cardone Delia Brown
Chris Pratt Bright Abbott
Tom Amandes Dr. Harold Abbott
Debra Mooney Edna Harper
John Beasley Irv Harper
Stephanie Niznik Nina Feeney
Nora Zehetner Laynie Hart
Marcia Cross Dr. Linda Abbott
Sarah Lancaster Madison Kellner

Recurring Edit

Actor/actress Character
Merrilyn Gann Rose Abbott
Paul Wesley Tommy Callahan

Episodes Edit

Season # Series # Image Title Original airdate Director Writer(s)
24 1 The Last of Summer "The Last of Summer" September 15, 2003 Michael Schultz Greg Berlanti and Rina Mimoun
25 2 Extra Ordinary "Extra Ordinary" September 22, 2003 David Petrarca Michael Green
26 3 My Brother's Keeper "My Brother's Keeper" September 29, 2003 Michael Schultz Vanessa Taylor
27 4 East Meets West "East Meets West" October 6, 2003 David Petrarca John E. Pogue
28 5 Daddy's Little Girl "Daddy's Little Girl" October 13, 2003 Peter Lauer Rina Mimoun and Joan Binder Weiss
29 6 Blind Faith "Blind Faith" October 20, 2003 Sandy Smolan David Hundgins
30 7 Three Miners from Everwood "Three Miners from Everwood" November 3, 2003 Michael Schultz Michael Green
31 8 Burden of Truth "Burden of Truth" November 10, 2003 Michael Schultz Vanessa Taylor
32 9 Just Like in the Movies "Just Like in the Movies" November 17, 2003 Matt Shakman Rina Mimoun
33 10 Unhappy Holidays "Unhappy Holidays" November 24, 2003 Jason Moore John E. Pogue
34 11 Family Dynamics "Family Dynamics" January 19, 2004 Michael Schultz David Hudgins
35 12 Controlling Interest "Controlling Interest" January 26, 2004 Lev L. Spiro Michael Green
36 13 Forget Me Not "Forget Me Not" February 2, 2004 Michael Schultz Wendy Mericle and Patrick Sean Smith
37 14 No Sure Thing "No Sure Thing" February 9, 2004 Perry Lang Joan Binder Weiss
38 15 The L Word "The L Word" February 16, 2004 Michael Schultz John E. Pogue
39 16 Unspoken Truths "Unspoken Truths" February 24, 2004 Michael Lange Greg Berlanti and Rina Mimoun
40 17 Unfinished Business "Unfinished Business" April 5, 2004 Sandy Smolan David Hudgins
41 18 Last Looks "Last Looks" April 12, 2004 Arvin Brown John E. Pogue
42 19 Sick (episode) "Sick" April 19, 2004 David Paymer Michael Green
43 20 Do or Die "Do or Die" April 26, 2004 Michael Schultz Vanessa Taylor
44 21 Your Future Awaits "Your Future Awaits" May 3, 2004 Marita Grabiak Wendy Mericel and Patrick Sean Smith
45 22 The Day is Done "The Day Is Done" May 10, 2004 David Petrarca Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Rina Mimoun

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