Linda Abbott
Basic Facts
Age mid 40s
Occupation Doctor
Gender Female
Family Dr. Harold Abbott (brother)
Rose Abbott (sister-in-law)
Bright Abbott (nephew)
First appearance My Brother's Keeper
Last appearance Do or Die
Portrayed by Marcia Cross
Appearances 18 episodes

Dr. Linda Abbott is the main character on The WB original drama series Everwood. She is portrayed by Marcia Cross.

Overview Edit

She has returned from a 3 year journey around the World. When she returns her brother, Dr Harold Abbott is not so welcome to greet her. Harold had been missing her and states he need her when their father died, he then makes and a remark asking her when she planes on leaving. She tells her brother she plans on staying and being a family.

  1. Linda convinced her brother to join her brother practicing eastern medicine.
  2. She helps her niece, Amy Abbott with her depression. Amy stole pages from her prescription pad to buy antidepressants.
  3. She saved people when the mine exploded.
  4. She feels lonely, on account of her illness is scared to let anyone get close

Trivia Edit

She suffers from HIV, which she picked up in africa.

She loves the book "little prince" and has an old English edition of it in her memory box. She had a French edition of 'Little Prince' which a child in a foreign country took from her. Linda also had a picture of childhood with her parents and her brother clicked at the main street of Everwood, kept safely in her memory box. Linda has a picture with a longtime friend, whom she lost in her travels, picture was kept in her memory box.

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