Dr. Harold Abbott was Everwood's only doctor until Andy Brown moved to the town in "the Pilot". He is the younger son of Edna, the younger brother of Linda Abbott, the husband of Rose Abbott and father to Bright, Amy and later of another baby. Harold didn't get along very well with Andy Brown early on, but eventually became friends with the former neurosurgeon. They spent a lot of time talking and arguing about medical and personal issues.

Information[edit | edit source]

Harold Abbott is the younger brother of Linda Abbott, and the youngest son, of the free spirit Edna Harper. Harold is also Rose's husband, and the father of Bright, Amy and an unknown name baby Abbott. He was also the stepson of the now deceased Irv Harper. He will also become Ephram Brown's father-in-law. His character at the beginning of the series may seem a little gruff, but in reality, he will prove to be a good and kind man.

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