Foreverwood (Part 2) refers to the twenty-second episode of the two-part fourth season finale in this drama series Everwood which was broadcast originally from The WB on June 5, 2006.

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After their house has been sold, Nina and Sam temporarily move in with the Browns. Wanting to take care of an unresolved issue in his life before he can propose to Nina, Andy takes a mysterious trip. Bright learns that Hannah has received a scholarship to Notre Dame and is devastated at the thought that she may accept it. Edna upsets Harold and Rose when she reveals her plans to leave Everwood. Delia is thrilled with Andy's belated Bat Mitzvah gift. Finally, when Amy tells Stephanie that she plans to tell Ephram about her feelings for him, Stephanie steps up her game to compete for Ephram's affections.

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  • The season finale was written as both a series and a season finale. Because of the impending WB/UPN merger the future of the series was unsure and the producers wrote and filmed two endings. The aired version as well as an additional scene were Madison (Sarah Lancaster) returned to Everwood, in order to create a cliffhanger ending. Additionally, the producers had scripted a montage for the series finale version that went 40 years into the future, showing Ephram, Delia, Amy, Nina, Bright and Hannah at Andy's funeral, letting the story come full circle. This scene was never filmed though, for budgetary reasons.

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