Ephram Brown
Basic Facts
Age 19
Occupation Student
Gender Male
Family Dr. Andy Brown (father)
Julia Brown (mother, deceased)
Delia Brown (sister)
First appearance Pilot
Last appearance Foreverwood (Part 2)
Portrayed by Gregory Smith
Appearances 89 episodes

Ephram Brown (portrayed by Gregory Smith) is Dr. Andy Brown's teenage son from The WB's drama series Everwood from 2002 to 2006. At the start of the series he is 15 years old.

Ephram doesn't get along with his father a lot of the time, and resents him for being absent for most of his childhood. Over time their relationship develops and they grow closer. When they first arrive in the small town of Everwood, all Ephram wants to do is go back home to New York. Once Ephram goes to school, he meets Amy Abbott who he immediately feels attracted to. Unfortunately he doesn't realize that Amy has befriended him in order to convince his dad who used to be a prominent brain surgeon to help her long time boyfriend Colin Hart recover from a coma he had been in since Independence Day during that summer.

Ephram Brown (Season 2 Spoilers) Edit

  • After Colin's funeral, Amy falls deep into depression.
  • One night, Laynie Hart, Colin's sister, cancels a girls' night with Amy because the opportunity for a date comes up. Amy asks if Ephram is around to see her. Ephram meets her at a restaurant but then realizes that Amy only asked him to come after Laynie cancelled on her. Ephram says [something like], "I'm sick of you being your second choice when you're my first."
  • Amy and Ephram both get a driver's license in Season 2. After Ephram passes his driving test, he is so happy that he passionately kisses Madison Kellner, Delia's babysitter. Madison is shocked and explains because she is older than him that nothing will ever be able to work out.
  • Ephram falls out with Madison when he admits her band could be better. He agrees to jam with her to see if he can help. She is impressed with his suggestions but resists his advances.
  • In that episode, after Ephram gets a new car, he tells Madison how he feels. "All this stuff about me being too young is just you being afraid." And then he kisses her.
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