Colin Hart
Colin Hart
Basic Facts
Age 38
Occupation Student
Gender Male
Family N/A
First appearance We Hold These Truths
Last appearance Unspoken Truths
Portrayed by Mike Erwin
Appearances 15 episodes

Colin Hart (portrayed by Mike Erwin) is recurring teenage character who appears in Everwood from 2002 to 2004.

Character information Edit

Season 1 Edit

In the beginning of Everwood, the show reveals that Amy Abbott was dating a boy named Colin Hart.

There are many flashbacks that reveal what happened to Colin Hart played by Mike Erwin. (Flashbacks meaning they happened before Andy, Ephram and Delia moved to Everwood) Colin, Amy and Bright go to a carnival/fair in one of the flashbacks.

Leaving Amy at the carnival, Bright and Colin drink some of the alcohol they stole. Then they start driving and get into an accident. Bright gets minor injuries but Colin falls into a coma.

Amy visits Colin at the hospital in Denver (by bus), sometimes skipping school. One day, she brings Ephram there to see him (by that time Colin has been in a coma for at least four months.)

Later into Season 1, Dr. Brown hears about Colin. Thinking he can bring him out of a coma, Dr. Brown performs surgery on Colin with some of his colleagues from New York.

By the end of the surgery, Colin wakes up out of his coma.

Amy is eager to continue their relationship, but Colin is a little hesitant at first.

Colin Hart (Spoilers - Season 1 & 2) Edit

  • In Episode 23 of Season 1 (the last episode of Season 1) Dr. Brown performs a second surgery on Colin Hart because there were complications from the first one/the coma. Amy, Bright, Ephram, Mr. and Ms. Hart and a few other people wait for the surgery to be done in the Hospital's waiting room. At the end of the episode, Dr. Brown walks out of the operation room with a tired, dark and depressed-looking face. Viewers are left to wonder whether Dr. Brown is just tired from the long surgery or he is getting ready to tell the people in the waiting room bad news.
  • The first episode of Season 2 reveals that Colin died.
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