Dr. Andrew "Andy" Brown
Basic Facts
Age mid 40s
Occupation neurosurgeon
Gender Male
Family Julia Brown (widowed)
Ephram Brown (son)
Delia Brown (daughter)
First appearance Pilot
Last appearance Foreverwood (Part 2)
Portrayed by Treat Williams
Appearances 89 episodes

Dr. Andrew "Andy" Brown is debatable the main character on The WB original drama series Everwood with most of the show's stories being revolved around his character. He is portrayed by Treat Williams.

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Before moving to Everwood, Dr. Andrew Brown was a famous neurosurgeon living in New York City. He was mainly an absentee father, putting his work before his family most of the time. Although his daughter was still young and hadn't grown resentful, Andy had a strained relationship with his son and wife by the time she died in a car accident. Andy decided to move to Everwood because he was thinking about a conversation he and his wife had had before she died. She said that if she ever died, he should look in Everwood for her because "that's where she'll be."

Upon moving to the small mountain town in Colorado, Andy opened up a free practice in the defunct train station. This newfound competition with a famous and world-renowned surgeon resulted in a rivalry between Andy and Everwood's only other doctor, Dr. Harold Abbott.

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