Amy Abbott (Emily VanCamp) is a main character on Everwood, and is the main love interest of Ephram Brown.

Amy Abbott is the youngest daughter of Dr. Harold Abbott and his wife Linda, and also Bright's younger sister.

At the start of the series Amy is the girlfriend of Colin Hart, who is in a coma. She initially befriends Ephram in order to get his father to treat her boyfriend. Collin eventually dies leaving Amy very upset.

In season 2 Amy starts using drugs from a man names Tommy Callahen. After a short relationship with him, she realizes she has feeling for Ephram. They soon begin a relationship in the end of season 2.

In the beginning of season 3 Amy is happily dating Ephram, and surprises him when she picked him up after 8 weeks at Juilliard.

Amy is a classic girl-next-door with a twist. She is obsessive and tends to overdo things. Despite this, she has a good sense of humor and always ends up doing the right thing in the end.

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